Senior Year – The Game

Children today are faced with many issues in school including overwhelming peer pressure. Our young adults experience a multitude of mixed feelings about drugs, alcohol, school and sexual encounters, just to name a few. The best way to prepare kids to deal with these feelings and issues is to discuss them in an appealing and fun way – a proven manner that makes teaching effective. With this goal in mind, Cygnet Communications created Senior Year… The Game.

Designed for ages 12-adult, the game focuses on drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention with academic components and a message that emphasizes choosing the right path and staying in school. The format of Senior Year is based on the real challenges that all youth face when confronting urban and rural pressures, educational challenges and life choices.

The Story Behind Senior Year

Alien Nathan came to earth for his school project to find out why some young people drop out of school, do drugs, join gangs, and basically act irresponsibly. Senior Year deals with the tough issues facing students while teaching basic school curriculum and current events in an engaging board game. Decisions, consequences, and luck all determine a player's journey to graduation.

How to Play Senior Year

Players take the journey from freshman to senior year. First player to graduation wins! This game is intended for 2-6 players ages 12-adult. A teacher, counselor, parent, or qualified adult should facilitate the game to manage topic discussion.

A survey of thousands of children and professional educators throughout the United States and Canada indicated Senior Year is an innovative learning tool and helped to open the lines of communication about sensitive issues. Senior Year provides a forum to discuss current drug, alcohol, and tobacco information.